One Year Later...

This month, I celebrated one year since discovering the leather and kink community and its members. Like with any milestone, I was left with a lot to reflect upon.


Family, friends, and colleagues will agree that this past year has been one of immense learning and growth, both professionally and personally. I have learned more about what motivates me and the goals I would like to achieve with my work. There has always been the drive to explore and illuminate, but now I know more about what I need to do to apply these abstract concepts to my life. I want my work to say something about the kind of person I am at heart and who and what interests me, both socially and sociologically.

I have made an immense amount of friends over the past year, and gotten to know those I now consider part of my chosen family. They have given me the confidence to both continue developing my body of work on Human Pups as well as the strength to start a few new projects.

To everyone I’ve met this year and to everyone who continues to stand by my side: thank you.